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Consultant Convicted In Ehrlich Election Day Robocall Case


Henson, who was working for former Republican Gov. Robert Ehrlich's campaign in 2010, but had worked for Democrats in the past, was acquitted on three other charges which alleged he influenced or attempted to influence a voter's decision to go to the polls through use of fraud.

"Obviously, we're elated," Henson said, according to the AP. He was found guilty of conspiring to send out the robocalls without a message disclosing that the campaign was responsible for the recording. His lawyer told the judge he would file for a new trial on that charge.

Henson's lawyers argued that "dirty tricks" are a form of free speech. The robodialing company which placed the calls told TPM that over 50,000 calls went out.

Ehrlich campaign manager Paul Schurick was also convicted for his involvement with the robocalls.