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Tucker Carlson Hates Both Colbert And The 'Twitter Chick' Behind #CancelColbert


On one side, you have Stephen Colbert, who Carlson dismissed as nothing more than a "sanctimonious tool posing as a comedian." And then you have Suey Park, the young activist who ignited a Twitter firestorm last week with the hashtag #CancelColbert.

"I can't decide who to dislike more: him or the professional grievance-monger, the 24-year-old Twitter chick who like tried to get him fired," Carlson said Friday on Fox News Channel's "Red Eye." "I dislike them both."

Host Andy Levy noted The Daily Caller editor-in-chief's choice of words.

"I'm sure she'll be thrilled to be called a 'Twitter chick' though...Twitter woman?" Levy said.

Carlson refused to change his label.

Park is actually 23, and the source of her outrage was an out-of-context tweet sent out from the Twitter account for "The Colbert Rerport."

"I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever," the now-deleted tweet read.

It was a joke from Wednesday night's episode of "The Colbert Report," when Colbert reprised a bit that originally appeared on his show in 2005.

Carlson said "of course" Colbert's show shouldn't be canceled, but the conservative pundit didn't show much sympathy for the comedian's routine either. According to Carlson, the "joke here is that conservatives are bigots" and Colbert's program is a "one joke show."

But Colbert wasn't broadly targeting "conservatives as bigots." He was mocking Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who responded to calls to change his team's name by setting up a foundation to aid "original Americans."

Carlson saw the context a bit differently.

"The context was people who disagree with me, me being Stephen Colbert, are bigots," Carlson said. "Like, that's the point of it, and that's always the point of it. Like anyone who's not on my side is just a racist, and that's like, I don't know, I think that's every bit as Stalinist as the calls to get him fired."

There's video of the "Red Eye" segment over at Mediaite.