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Tom Steyer's NextGen Climate Group Calls Koch Brothers 'Chicken'


The group is going to air a new ad, obtained first by TPM, poking at the brothers for refusing to debate Steyer. The ad, which will air in the Wichita, Kansas media market (Koch Industries is based in Wichita) during the Sunday news shows, pokes at the brothers for refusing to debate Steyer.

"We've been informed the Koch Brothers declined our invitation for debate," text over a clip of chickens read in the 15-second ad.

The ad follows a previous one, titled "Crickets," also needling the brothers for refusing to debate Steyer on climate change. Steyer called for a debate with the conservative funders during an appearance on HBO's Bill Maher in late April.

More recently NextGen Climate Action announced that it would spend as much as $100 million on seven key races around the country to boost Democratic candidates and fight conservative spending for Republican candidates.

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Watch the ad below: