Steven Seagal Says He Might Run For Governor In Arizona (VIDEO)

In a state where border security is a dominant issue, one action movie star could embark on a journey that leads all the way to the governor’s mansion.

Steven Seagal told television station KNXV last week that he’s had discussions with Sheriff Joe Arpaio about mounting a gubernatorial bid in Arizona.

The actor and martial arts expert said that the idea of launching a campaign was initially “kind of a joke,” but that he would “remotely consider it.”

Seagal said he believes that “open borders” represent the biggest problem in the United States.

He is a member of Arpaio’s posse, a band of civilians dedicated to aiding the controversial sheriff’s crusade against illegal immigration.

Arpaio has often talked up his chances of becoming governor of the state, but has never launched a bid. Seagal was promoting the new season of his reality show, “Steven Seagal—Lawman: Maricopa County.”

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