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Scott Walker To GOP: If You Want To Beat Hillary, Nominate A Governor

AP Photo / Scott Bauer

"And we need to have the most compelling message, and if we're going to beat somebody like Hillary Clinton, we've got to have somebody from outside of Washington, who's got a proven record of reform," he continued. "And frankly, to me, that could be any one of the 30 Republican governors."

The remark echoes comments Walker made Sunday on ABC's "This Week," where he said that both nominees to the GOP ticket should be former or current governors. When asked about Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) chances of ending up at the White House, Walker praised the congressman while simultaneously denying that he would be the best presidential nominee. 

Walker clarified Monday that he "didn't vote people off" and framed the answer he gave to "This Week" as a response to an assumed Clinton candidacy. But as Capital New York points out, Walker's prescription for the GOP's electoral ailments closely resembles himself -- and he did not refute questions aimed at his own presidential aspirations.