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Reid: Senate GOPer Approached Me With A Deal On Filibuster

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

"Last night I got a call from one of my Republican friends saying, Harry, we've got a deal for you," he said at a Capitol Hill press conference. "I'm anxious to listen. What is this -- we'll give you one of the D.C. Circuit [Court nominee], that way it will be 5-4."

"I just can't imagine -- and one of my friends, he's a friend, anyway, we've been in the House together, Senate together, a long type, what would you do? What would you do, I said?" he added. "And he, just the two of us, he didn't want to, he said I'm not answering that question."

"Everyone knows that what has gone on is absolutely unfair and wrong and I'm glad we changed it. It's a day of freshness for this great country of ours," he said.