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Drudge Sighting! Conservative Media Titan Spotted At NBA Finals Game With Coulter (VIDEO)


So it seems fitting that it would take an eagle-eyed Twitter user to spot the reclusive conservative newshound attending Thursday night's NBA Finals game between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs.

There was Drudge, taking in the game with his longtime friend, the right-wing bomb-thrower Ann Coulter. Drudge could be seen pumping his fists in the air while Coulter laughed.

And here's video of the Drudge sighting:

Drudge's lifestyle has made him an object of media fascination for years. Coulter, it seems, is one of the few people allowed in his orbit.

John Cook, then with Gawker, reported in 2009 that Drudge only spoke to Coulter, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and the late right-wing troublemaker Andrew Breitbart.

But Drudge's hermetic existence is not without luxuries, as evidenced by his great seats at Thursday's game.

In 2011, he bought a 6,400-square-foot ranch house in South Miami-Dade for $1.45 million. Drudge reportedly paid for the mansion in cash.