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Town Awakes To Vast Tide Of Liquid Manure Hidden Under Snow


As of Saturday, the manure flow had stopped after authorities were able to plug the pipe, which was buried beneath over a foot of snow.

DEQ analyst Bruce Washburn told Michigan Live that such a leak isn't typical.

"This type of spill is a rarity," he said. "It's pretty much straight manure, not diluted runoff from a field. … We don't deal with these very often."

The owner of the dairy farm, John Schaendorf, called the leak an "act of ice."

"We didn't want anything like (it) to ever happen," he said. "We took care of the problem. It's under control."

The Allegan County Health Department told people to avoid the creek and river affected by the spill.

Movie still from "The Thing from Another World" (1951) produced by RKO Radio Pictures, via 31 Days of Horror