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GOP Tweet Encourages New Jersey Supporters To Vote On Wrong Day

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Update 11:09 p.m.:

Kirsten Kukowski, press secretary for the Republican National Committee, sent the following to TPM in an email on Monday.

"I just saw your story about our tweet," Kukowski wrote. "We deleted and corrected it. Put this into perspective – the RNC is trying to get people to vote – civic duty, and you are clowning us online because we were a day off. Not to mention this particular election is a Wednesday and not a Tuesday. This is extremely ridiculous."

TPM responded saying her thoughts would be added to this story, after which she sent an additional comment.

"It’s sad to see Talking Points Memo’s breaking news standard is the RNC making an honest mistake while urging voters to do their civic duty and vote in the upcoming New Jersey election," Kukowski wrote.