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'Fox And Friends' Hosts Tell Ted Cruz He's 'In A Minority' On Obamacare Repeal (VIDEO)


“You know, you’re kind of in a minority when it comes to that," Steve Doocy responded to Cruz. "You look at the polling, Senator, and a lot of Americans like parts of it, would like to see parts of it continue. So, to blow the whole thing up, I don’t know if people are behind that."

Cruz then argued that polling shows that the law is highly unpopular and that as such Americans will eventually demand its repeal.

"Look, I got to tell you, you look at every poll that’s done and you’ve got — the support for Obamacare is in the thirds. This was the most profoundly most unpopular law we’ve seen in modern times," Cruz said, adding that many are not just not optimistic that a full repeal will ever be achieved. "I think it’s going to be repealed because I think the American people are demanding it."

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade then asked the Senator, "Where is the Cruz plan?"

Cruz did not say whether he had drawn up his own plan, but noted that he and other Republicans have been promoting their ideas on health reform for a while.

"I think the principles for common sense health care reform are well-established. I’ve been talking about it a long time," he said.

On Monday, Fox host Jenna Lee also grilled Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on the lack of a Republican alternative to Obamacare.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" clip via Raw Story: