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Draft Mitt's National Launch Nixed After Criticism From Romney's Circle


"The focus needs to be on the midterm elections. That's what Mitt is doing," Spencer Zwick, Romney's former national finance chairman, told the Deseret News. "The organization has no merit. None."

"This organization has absolutely no bearing on Mitt Romney running for president," Zwick continued. "He says he's not running for president and nothing this organization can do will change that."

Evans said he had spoken with Zwick and scrapped the South Carolina event. The group will continue collecting signatures, according to the News, but it was not clear if they would ever undertake a national campaign after the backlash.

"A national event with media and things like that could very well get in the way and that's not what we want to do," Evans told the News. "We have to be mindful and respectful of that and not get in the way of anything Gov. Romney is doing."