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Cruz: Obama Health Care Implementation Has Been 'Lawless'

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

Cruz, one of the most outspoken Obamacare opponents, said that the law does not work, and that nothing will fix it.

"They're looking for something to cover their political rear ends — but, frankly, they don't make a big enough Band-Aid to do that," he said. "Tinkering around the edges, sticking a Band-Aid on it, is not going to fix the problem."

The Texas senator said that "navigators," those tasked with helping people with insurance enrollment, are just helping Democrats control the lives of Americans, citing an investigation by conservative activist James O'Keefe that claims health care navigators are not held accountable.

"The navigators are all about using taxpayer money to fund partisan operatives, and that's fundamentally corrupt," Cruz said. "They're not engaged in anything other than trying to mobilize people, to keep Democrats in power to maintain their control over our lives."

While Cruz repeatedly bashed the Affordable Care Act in the interview, he stopped short of calling for Obama's impeachment.

"That's a question for the House, ultimately," Cruz said. "The House, under the Constitution, makes the decision whether to impeach, and then the Senate is charged with trying it."