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Welcome to New Jersey

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2) Incoming Speaker-Designate Vince Prieto comes out of Hudson County and is part of essentially a peace treaty brokered by Norcross between warring factions in Hudson Democratic circles - Stack and State Senator Nick Sacco, who is also mayor of North Bergen. Prieto replaces Assemblywoman Shelia Oliver, from Essex County, who, in her day job, works for Steve Adubato's non-profit, Newark's North Ward Center (where Divincenzo worked before he became County Executive. The consensus is that Oliver was deposed because the alliance between Divincenzo and Norcross soured.

3) Sidenote - If a South Jersey D is the presiding officer over one house (Sweeney in the Senate), then a North Jersey D will, by tradition, preside over the other. Hence the need for alliances

4) Stack and Divincenzo publicly endorsed Christie. Norcross did not.

5) A Republican Assemblyman accused Christie of cutting a deal with Norcross so that Christie wouldn't oppose South Jersey D legislator in exchange for Norcross supporting key Christie iniaitves.

6) Dick Codey and Steve Adubato (and Joe Divicenzo) are implacable enemies

7) Codey, who is the most popular Dem in state, was deposed as Senate President by Sweeney, who was supported by the Norcross/Adubato/Stack axis. He was then redistricted into a more difficult, but still winnable district with many new voters

So, that's the background. re: the GWB

1) Sweeney made statements downplaying the bridge scandal early on....

2) Prieto had not committed to reauthorizing subponea power for Wisniewski's committee under the new legislature until the emails leaked last week.

So, that's what you need to know. And this is really bad for Chris Christie, because its also about an internal fight in the Democratic party and the the anti-Christie faction has been empowered, while the Christie accomodationists have been weakened.

Tell me again how you figure this stuff plays on the national stage?

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