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We Thank(ful) You

It's been an exciting and intense year for us. Our audience continues to grow -- actually more this year than last year. And for the first time we have stood up a four-person TPM Washington Bureau. And we expect to notch that number up to five in the near future.

We've got a number of new projects we're working on that we'll be telling you more about shortly. But for now, as we go into the holiday season, and everybody gets rushed with shopping and family visits and the like, I'd really like to hear again from you. As TPM grows and changes, what are you liking? What aren't you liking? What would you like to see more of and vice versa?

We've got a large and diverse audience. People like and dislike different things. So we couldn't satisfy everyone's wishes or critiques even if we wanted to. But getting your feedback, a sense of your experience of the site, both general opinion and specific detail is vital to us. So if you have some time over the holiday and long weekend, lets us know how we're doing and what you'd like in the future.

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Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.com.