The Hoekstra Pile On Continues


Yesterday, you’ll remember, clinically unselfaware Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) tweeted that the struggle of Iranian reformists was similar to the oppression faced by House Republicans when Nancy Pelosi won’t let them bring enough amendments to the floor. That tweet triggered a wave of tweet heckling, as others mocked Hoekstra’s unique mix of grandiosity and cluelessness. Eric Kleefeld rounded up some of the best of these counter-tweets in a post at TPMDC. But I hadn’t realized until just now that folks were keeping up the ridicule in the comments section of the post.

This one was funny: “My mom made me carry the trash out to the alley. Now I know what the Bataan Death March was like.”

It’s almost developing into a niche Hoekstra-mocking art form. Kind of like a Haiku.

This one, this one and this one were pretty good too.


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