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Oh Good Lord


From the Dothan Eagle ...

Two Dothan men turned themselves in to a local bondsman Wednesday morning after realizing they had missed their court appearance.

Some thirty minutes later, the bondsman chained the two men to the door of the city courtroom and left.

“I felt violated,” said Johnathan Reese, who had missed a Monday court appearance date. “I felt like a slave, for real.”

The bondsman, Rickey Stokes of A Advantage Bonding, said he chained Reese and Greg Tiller to the courtroom door to make a point about what he believes is an inefficient court process with the City of Dothan.

Stokes said he has been frustrated with the process for several years.

“This wasn't about anything other than trying to resolve an issue that has existed for a long time,” Stokes said Wednesday.

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