No Dice, Buddy


Vic Rawl, the guy who lost the South Carolina Democratic Senate primary to Alvin Greene, petitioned today to have the state Democratic party overturn the result. The state party’s executive committee just decided to reject his bid. So Greene v DeMint, it is. The party’s announcement after the jump …

SC Dems Committee Uphold Senate Election Results

COLUMBIA- The South Carolina Democratic Party’s executive committee voted tonight to uphold the results of the U.S. Senate election between Vic Rawl and Alvin Greene during an election protest filed by Rawl.

The 92 member committee, made up of men and women representing the state’s 46 counties, voted to reject Rawl’s election protest. Only 73 members attended Thursday’s meeting.

The SCDP’s executive committee also heard a protest concerning the SC State House District 121 election involving incumbent Rep. Kenneth Hodges and challenger Bobby Mayes. The committee voted to uphold the results of the election, which Hodges won.

South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler said the committee had difficult decisions to make in deliberating the protests.

“I would like to thank our executive committee members for their work in deciding these protests. These were very hard decisions to make,” said Fowler. “Tonight, South Carolina Democrats are ready to move past the primary and focus on taking our state back with our Democratic slate. These men and women we have nominated truly represent our core values and will change the direction of our state.”


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