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A New Problem For Christie

AP Photo / Richard Drew

Chief among them was the revelation that the governor was told about the traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge in September while they are still ongoing.

Christie's attorney, Randy Mastro (pictured above), said during a news conference this morning that the revelation was no big deal. In fact, he said, it was so insignificant the governor didn't even remember having the conversation.

"There are traffic problems all the time with the bridges and tunnels, so that would not be a significant event, a memorable event," Mastro told reporters.

But as TPM has detailed previously, the timeline seems to get more problematic for Christie with each new data point added. That's because early on in the scandal, he made statements claiming to have known nothing about the traffic jams until they were over.

Now even Christie's attorneys are saying they have evidence he was made aware of the traffic jam while it was happening. And again, his explanation about what he knew and when has evolved.

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