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Suspect is Dennis Maex, was facing a court date today on drugs and weapons charges. His defense attorney QUIT yesterday over a dispute with him over how his case was being handled.

This is now 2 guys from Eagle Creek Shores subdivision with bombs and prepared for Armageddon. Remember the guy who threatened to blow up the school? Yeah, same subdivision.

I just moved OUT of that subdivision when I bought my home in February 2013. Quiet SD, on Lake Lanier, starter homes, basically. Many houses bought up by investors after the crash as rentals.

Cop on TV just said "Full frontal assault. He came here prepared to stay alive." Sounds like a "Glen Beck survivalist." He arrived with homemade bombs strapped to his body, homemade spikes to stop police cars, ammunition, water, food in the car.

Cops at the house are ASSUMING the house is set to explode when cops arrive to search the house. "We are quite certain it is booby trapped to kill officers."

[ed.note: There is no evidence Marx has any ties to Glenn Beck, even as a fan or viewer.]

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