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Job Lock, Part 2

At these law firms, my compensation is based on my billables – and at best, in a given year, I take home 50% of what I bill. The other 50% is used to pay for services at the firm I don’t use – such as HR, secretarial assistance, document management, etc. My practice is lean, electronic and requires only a computer and a creative mind. As the owner of my own firm, it is likely that I will take home 75-80% of what I bill in a year, after taxes and expenses.

The ability to go to the Covered California website and get a plan for both of us solves one of the biggest issues I had with striking out on my own. Will I be working for a company in a year? No, so I won’t be a “worker”. Will I own my own business this time next year? Yes – and isn’t that what America is supposed to be about?