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Now, this raised a few different thoughts for me. One was that, as PPP notes, Dems seems really out to lunch on what seems to be brewing on election day. But it also suggests that a lot of the lack of enthusiasm is tied to not thinking anything particularly bad is going to happen for their party. So if the stakes and the foreboding climate become more clear, that could get Democratic base voters more jazzed up to turn out to vote.

Who knows? It's possible.

One other thought too though. I haven't looked back at the polling data. But my recollection is that in 2006, it was the same, or reversed, depending on your perspective. Polling pointed to a Democratic landslide all through 2006. But Republican voters were generally more bullish on their parties ability to hold Congress. And weirdly, Democrats were too. Democrats were not as confident as the polls suggested they should be. I take from this that Republicans always think they're going to kick butt -- both when they are and when they're not.

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