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They Play Rough

AP Photo / Mel Evans

He was elected young, probably 30 at the most. And he immediately brought a reign of insanity to peaceful Livingston. He practiced a particularly mean-spirited slash and burn style of politics, a combination of Bob Haldeman and Idi Amin. He spread false rumors about people, lied, and tried to ruin reputations of decent people to advance his own career. He is easily the most hated mayor in this town's history, hands down.

He is a truly bad guy, exactly the wrong person you want with any power. .

Everyone I talk to agrees that closing lanes to get back at a mayor is right out of the Wildstein playbook. But since Wildstein is capable of anything, a lot of people also believe that he would have no problem saying Christie ordered him to close the lanes, whether it's true or not. That explains the odd, erratic behavior from the Governor....he's caught between a rock and a hard place.

Either way, some people are questioning Christie's judgment by giving this guy any power at all.

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