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A Bit More Rubes-Gazing

As I noted earlier, the polls out today showed no dramatically changes on the Trump or Rubio front. And even within that broad picture of stability, there were a bit contradictory.

Here, as you can see, ARG shows Rubio trending up a point a day for the four days up until debate night, February 6th, and then falling three points over the next two days. That would be consistent with a movement of voters in Rubio's direction which was halted by Saturday night's malfunction.

Also, notable is this breakdown ...

The samples sizes are quite small here. So it's important not to read too much into them. Not the "probably" group is only 9% of the sample. But Cruz, Christie and Trump stand out as the candidates doing better among those who say they will definitely vote.

Again, this is just one poll. A handful of others came out today based mainly on data from Sunday. They showed general stability in Rubio's numbers.

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