From my friend in


From my friend in Iraq, late in the afternoon of April 16th, local time<$NoAd$> …

Dear Josh,
I would like you to share with your readers that the four abducted Italian bodyguards worked for me. They were people I had brought in to provide close protection for my former company’s contractors. Fabrizio, who was executed, was a great guy and it appears he died with honor, knowing what was about to happen. If the rumors are true that he stated “Cosi Morare Un Italiano – Here is how an Italian man dies” well it would be just like him … all of the others Incusori, Bersagalieri, Alpini and other Italians have such honor filled sayings tattooed on their arms and chests …

The guys were returning home to Italy from Baghdad via route 10 to Amman. I don’t know why they thought they could make it and I am racked with guilt for not having been there to weigh in on such a simple decision … it would have been NO! Fly royal Jordanian! Everyone would have gone home happy and safe. They and the other Italians who worked for us were/are consummate professionals and our staff loved them. I can only hope the others make it home in safety and this madness of abduction ends. I am headed back to Baghdad now and my family is terrified. If I am not there things will swiftly fall apart as our Iraqi staff are loyal and have offered to protect us with their families and their lives. However I need to give them much more training. So for now I am too grief stricken to assess whether this was worth the adventure that is Fallujah but all I ask is … how can we assault a city of 300,000 and not have the largest east-west highway secure for logistics and commerce by Military Police?? Allah only knows how many people were killed by ignoring a basic military principle … secure your lines of communications and supply!

More soon.