This is lovely.Click on


This is lovely.

Click on this link and you’ll go to the Ashley’s Story website. It’s part of an ad campaign running on conservative websites.

Ashley is a young girl whose mother died in the World Trade Center. And earlier this year, at a campaign event, she was comforted for her loss by President Bush. It’s an affecting picture and I’m sure it was an equally affecting moment.

Go to the Ashley’s Story website and you’ll find an earth-toned montage of images about Ashley, the foundation set up in her mother’s honor and more.

There’s even a link you can click on to make a contribution to “spread Ashley’s story.”

If you click around the site a little further though you see that the money is actually for a slew of anti-Kerry attack ads.

There is an Ashley’s Story ad, about how President Bush changed the girl’s life. But that’s just one. The other eight include the ‘Surfer Dude’ ad ridiculing Kerry as a windsurfer who flipflops, another — What If — that asks the terrifying question of what would have happened if 9/11 had happened on Kerry’s watch rather than President Bush’s, and a slew of others of a similar sort.

The Ashley’s Story fundraiser site is actually a pitch for Progress for America Voter Fund.