My time is up.


My time is up. To summarize my main points:

Social Security privatization = bad.

Other than that, I hope (if you don’t already) you’ll consider reading and subscribing to the New Republic.

UPDATE: I’ve gotten several emails from readers who claim they won’t read me, or won’t read TNR, because of this or that disagreeable position we’ve taken. To be perfectly frank, if you think like this I pity you. Why on Earth should anybody confine their reading to those writers with whom they agree on everything? The best way to learn is to read arguments you disagree with. I voraciously consume analysis with which I disagree, both on the right and on the left.

TNR, more than any other magazine, publishes a range of dissenting views. Yes, we editorially criticized Howard Dean and supported the Iraq war. But we’ve also run plenty of pro-Dean and anti-war articles, including prominent cover stories. It’s fine if TNR isn’t your cup of tea. But if you spurn it or any other voice solely on ideological grounds, you’re dooming yourself to small-mindedness.

Sorry to get preachy. I just find this mentality baffling.