With so much DOJ


With so much DOJ heat coming down on Duke Cunningham you’d almost think he was a Democrat.

Late word has it that twenty federal agents raided Duke’s place in Rancho Santa Fe this afternoon. Just so you can keep track, that’s the place he bought with Mitch Wade’s cash, not the place he sold Wade. And that comes on the heels of the raids earlier in the day at MZM headquarters and down at the Yacht Club on the Duke Stir.

One other point to note: In each of these raids, on hand have been personnel from the Defense Criminal Investigative Service.

As you’d expect from the title, those are the DOD’s cops, specifically, the investigative arm of the Pentagon Inspector General’s office. They’re not there because some backbencher like Duke got paid too much for his house. Almost certainly, they’re there because of military contracting fraud, or the suspicion thereof.

And tell me this isn’t related to the Pentagon decision earlier this week to halt all new work for MZM, Inc. Just a new interpretation of some obscure contracting, right?