As I said yesterday


As I said yesterday afternoon, today we’re running a TPM Reader Survey, like the one we did a <$NoAd$> little more than a year ago.

It’s short, only a dozen questions, each simple and quick. The whole thing won’t take you more than a minute or two tops.

As I said, we’re not collecting any information about you as an individual. We don’t want your name. And we’re not using cookies to track who you are. All we’re doing is collecting aggregate information about our audience.

TPM and TPMCafe are supported by ad revenue. And being able to tell advrtisers information about our readership, gender breakdown, age, income levels and so forth, helps us sell ads. So by taking a few moments to help us with this, you help keep this site going strong.

You have my appreciation in advance. And thanks so much for giving us a few moments of your time for this.

Click here to take the Survey now.