Since I wrote my


Since I wrote my initial thoughts on the Woodward matter earlier today — what I called “preliminary impressions” — I’ve already revised some of my opinions, in large measure in response to a number of reader emails. I’ll try to do a follow-up on that point later this evening.

But for now I want to share a few thoughts that have occurred to me about this mystery Senior Administration Official (SAO) who came forward to Patrick Fitzgerald.

One thing we learned toward the end of the build-up toward the Libby indictment is that Fitzgerald interviewed or deposed quite a few people in the course of his investigation. The SAO category includes a good number of people. But not that many. Is this someone Fitzgerald had never interviewed or brought before the grand jury? My recollection is that Fitzgerald talked in one fashion or another to most SAOs, maybe the great majority of them.

Whoever Fitzgerald talked to you would certainly think he’d have been sure to ask a question which would force the person being questioned to answer who, if anyone, they’d discussed Plame’s identity with.

“Did you know Plame’s identity?” “Did you discuss Plame’s identity with anyone outside the White House?” etc.

You can probably see where I’m going here. Did this mystery SAO’s testimony contradict earlier testimony provided in the course of the investigation?

Unless Fitzgerald had never spoken to this person, it’s hard to see how that wouldn’t have been the case.

Unless of course it was someone who’d been interviewed in some very cursory manner or perhaps not under oath.