Has new media finally


Has new media finally arrived?

Not sure about that, but this one really got a chuckle out of everyone at TPM world headquarters.

This is a clip from the front page of the CNN website. Can anyone identify that odd logo on the upper right hand portion of Brian Doyle’s mug shot?

Guess they went to the source?

Late Update: TPMmuckraker.com, which published the picture, actually already has a motto/tagline. But now we’re consdering changing it to “TPMmuckraker.com — Where CNN Goes to Get the News!”


Even Later Update: Okay, CNN has now gotten a clean mug shot, shorn of the TPM Media logo, up on their front page. But, psst, don’t tell anyone but you can still see our logo on the story page.

Going as Late as We Need to Go Update
: It all actually reminds me a bit of Bert’s work with bin Laden.