This is interesting. Yesterday


This is interesting.

Yesterday we told you about Sen. Dole’s GOP senate fundraising letter which begged for campaign money and suggested that allowing Democrats to launch investigations of President Bush would be even worse than letting them lose the War on Terror.

The AP wrote about Dole’s fundraising appeal and the dire picture she painted of a Democratic senate. The piece quotes extensively from the pitch letter. But somehow the AP fails to mention this one most jarring, embarrassing and revealing passage.

Let me just post it again so we’re clear what Dole said …

If Democrats take control of the Senate in ’06, they will cancel the Bush tax cuts, allow liberal activist judges to run our courts and undermine all Republican efforts to win the War on Terror.

Even worse, they will call for endless congressional investigations and possibly call for the impeachment of President Bush!

Please help the NRSC protect our President, our conservative agenda and our critical GOP Senate Majority by making an urgent online donation today.

I know Dole’s campaign committee, the NRSC, was spinning reporters furiously on Thursday trying to keep folks from writing about this. I’d hate to think AP gave way to the hard sell.

Late Update: TPM Reader RM thinks it’s even worse than I thought …

The AP Did More Than “Give Way”

Josh, longtime reader here. Go ahead and re-read the first paragraph of the article you linked to:

WASHINGTON — The head of the Senate Republican committee paints a dire picture of Democratic congressional control, warning that the opposition party would “put the war on terrorism on the back-burner” and maybe even impeach President Bush.

The AP actually echoes Dole by implying that Democrats might “put the war on terrorism on the back-burner” but, worse then that, they could “maybe even impeach President Bush.” Apparently the AP not only covered for Dole but also agrees with her.

Yep, Sounds about right.