We get emails …Nope


We get emails …

Nope, the dead enders appear to be those on the left who despite continuing electoral nightmares continue to cling to the idea that if only they upped the vitriol a couple of quanta they would surely either convince or cow the public into voting for the party of the Murthabots.

You see the problem with that hypothesis is that you really can’t heat things up much past where they are now unless that thin line between unreasoning rage and violence is crossed, in which case it’s important to remember which philosophical camp owns and knows how to use the guns.

It seems to me that the dead enders are the folks at KOS [5 NYT reporters at the Vegas gig?? absolutelyunbelievable] and Dem Underground, who have no understanding of Islamism and probably wouldn’t care if they did, because to them the U.S. is the real enemy and heaven forbid the idea that the United States has the right and obligation to proactively de-Islamize the area of the world from whence the threat has arisen.

Re Fr. Coughlan, not me – its the left who are the anti-Semites.