Yes to the Surge


Yes to the Surge? Or No? Or, okay, escalation. Have an opinion on this one? As we mentioned a while back, Sens. McCain and Lieberman are heading across town to the American Enterprise Institute on Friday to roll out their ‘surge’ plan to send a few tens of thousands more troops to Baghdad to crush the Mahdi Army. Make no mistake: this event is the official ‘surge’ roll-out.

Now it turns out that MoveOn is sponsoring a protest at the event at noon on Friday.

Now, I’ve seen protests outside AEI before. So if experience is any guide, they’ll probably have a few goons on loan from Ahmed Chalabi or someone like that to manhandle anyone who actually tries to make it in as a member of the public or just toss them out the closest window. So this will probably just be a down on the sidewalk outside the building. But you’ll get to see all the key regime changers and probably Joe and McCain and all the other PNAC folks. So if you’re going to be in DC, stop by. It’s right near the corner of 17th & M.

At least if this is a topic that matters to you.