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Waukesha Clerk Announces Votes For Prosser: 'I'm Thankful That This Error Was Caught Early'


Nickolaus was asked about reports from Brookfield that she had called city officials on election night, asking them to resend the data.

"On election night, all the people that were to bring in spreadsheets, they were given a spreadsheet template," said Nickolaus. "They were asked not to change that template. When the city of Brookfield results came in on election night, extra columns were put into that spreadsheet, which would have been a problem if I had tried to import that in." Thus, she said she called them and stressed the importance of preserving the template.

"I saved them, but when I imported them into the Access database, I thought that they were saved at that time, and didn't have any real reason to believe they weren't. We used this program for the November election and the February election without any problem. So I thought we could use it again without any problem."

What would she say about accusations of fraud, a reporter asked?

"Well, we sat through an open, transparent meeting for the last day and a half. We sat with people from both sides of the aisle, and went through every tape number by number, and proofed those numbers, then proofed those numbers again. Anyone who saw that canvass could see what we were doing."

Nickolaus was asked when the problem was discovered. "when I was uploading the data from the e-night results to the state system so we could start our canvass at noon, yesterday," said Nickolaus.

If it was found yesterday, a reporter asked, why announce it only today? "We had to verify that. We had to verify those numbers, and that is what we were doing."

(Thanks to the NBC affiliate in Milwaukee for live-streaming the press conference.)

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