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'Ready For Hillary' Gets One Of Its Biggest Endorsements Yet

AP Photo / Cliff Owen

Kaine plans to make the announcement Saturday morning at the South Carolina Women's Democratic Council.

"I’m doing my bit now to encourage Hillary Clinton to run. I’m encouraging my constituents in Virginia and also encourage all of you to do the same thing by joining the Ready for Hillary movement that already has two million supporters," Kaine said, according to prepared remarks provided to TPM.

"Secretary Hillary Clinton is the best person to be our 45th President for many reasons," he said. "She is a classic American optimist with the background and experiences necessary to lead this country in a very complicated world."

Kaine and the Clintons have been allies for a while. President Bill Clinton raised money for Kaine during his 2005 Virginia gubernatorial bid.

He was also one of President Barack Obama's early backers in Obama's 2008 primary against Hillary.