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Feds Try To Stop Insurers From Misleading Customers On Obamacare

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

For consumers whose existing polices are being canceled, the administration is urging but not requiring insurers to inform consumers that they can shop on the law's new marketplaces and they may qualify for tax credits or other financial assistance. Thursday's bulletin included sample language.

As the White House noted, and a TPM investigation documented, letters that some insurers were sending to their customers had left out key information about Obamacare and its benefits, such as the new options that would be available to consumers on the law's insurance marketplaces.

"This effort is a direct response to the President’s concerns that the small percentage of Americans receiving confusing letters from their insurance companies need clearer information about how to keep an existing plan, or how to choose a new plan with new protections available in the health insurance marketplace," Chris Jennings, deputy assistant to the president for health policy, wrote in a blog post.

The full CMS bulletin is below.

CMS Bulletin on Insurance Letters by tpmdocs