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Obamacare Enrollments Continue Piling Up In January, Now 3.3 Million

AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

Enrollment among young people ticked up slightly in January; 27 percent of enrollees were ages 18 to 34, compared to the 24 percent in October through December. About 25 percent of its sign-ups are now in that core demographic, again well behind the initial projections, but at a level that experts say should allow for the law's actuarial survival.

About 55 percent of enrollees are women, the administration reported, and 45 percent are men. Obamacare introduced new reforms that prohibited insurance companies from charging women more for coverage., which enrolled less than 25,000 people in its disastrous first month and serves 36 states, continued to pull ahead of the 15 state-run websites after trailing for most of its first three months. More than 1.9 million Americans have enrolled through the federal site, with the remaining 1.4 million coming from the state sites.

California is still far outpacing any other state in the union with 728,000 enrollments, followed by Florida, (297,000), New York (211,000) and Texas (208,000).

Administration officials said that they didn't have data on how many had paid their first premium for their coverage or how many enrollees were previously uninsured.