The Josh Marshall Podcast

Ep. 102: Struck By A Lightning Bolton
Josh, Kate, and David discuss the revelation from John Bolton’s unpublished manuscript and whether it’ll alter the witness calculus for Senate Republicans. Listen
Ep. 101: Inside Bill Barr’s Obsession With Vigilante Justice
Kary Antholis, former HBO executive and founder of Crime Story, talks about his project focusing on the intersection of criminal justice and storytelling. We talk about his fascinating interview with Attorney General Bill Barr, the OJ Simpson trial and the impeachment trial. Listen
Ep. 100: Hacks
Josh, Kate, and David discuss the cast of characters running the impeachment trial as well as news that the Saudi Arabian crown prince infiltrated Jeff Bezos’ phone and stole his data. Listen
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Ep. 99: Trials and Tribulations
Josh, Kate and David analyze the Warren-Sanders conflict and make predictions about the Iowa debate and upcoming Senate impeachment trial. Listen
Ep 98: Iran and Impeachment
Josh, Kate and David delve into the biggest stories at home and abroad as tensions rise after the killing of Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani and Nancy Pelosi holds onto the articles of impeachment. Listen
Ep. 97: What’s Up With A Democratic Representative’s Move To The GOP?
Josh, Kate, David and Matt Shuham take a look at the latest impeachment news, including Rudy Giuliani's ongoing dirt-digging efforts and Rep. Jeff Van Drew's switch from Democrat to Republican. Finally, we discuss some of the big and overlooked stories of 2019. Listen
Ep. 96: Impeachment Time! Democrats Unveil Charges
The Joshes, David and senior newswriter Nicole discuss House Democrats’ decision to file just two articles of impeachment, ditching findings from Mueller’s report and ongoing legal battles over emolument violations. The group also lays out the findings from the Justice Department inspector general’s report and the lack of fireworks at... Listen
Ep. 95: What’s Next
Josh, Kate, David, and Matt look ahead to the next phase of the impeachment inquiry spearheaded by Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee. Matt also shares his notes from the courthouse, where he sat in on a hearing for Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. Listen
Ep. 94: What We Learned After A Marathon Week Of Impeachment Hearings
Josh, Kate, David and reporter Matt Shuham break down the impeachment hearings and dig into what the public phase of impeachment inquiry has revealed so far. After that, the group talks about Democrats’ strategy as the probe moves toward a vote and 2020 draws near. Listen
Ep. 93: Inside The Impeachment Hearing Room
TPM investigative reporter Tierney Sneed joins Josh, Kate and David to talk about the first public impeachment hearing this week. Tierney was inside the (freezing) room where the action was. We also go into the latest in Roger Stone's trial and an election to watch this weekend. Listen
Ep. 92: Transcripts and Ballots
Kate, David, and the Joshes analyze the transcripts of the testimonies of Gordon Sondland and Kurt Volker before diving into Tuesday’s elections and what they mean for 2020. Listen
Ep. 91: A Must-Listen Interview With Filmmaker Errol Morris
Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris talks about his new documentary about Steve Bannon, "American Dharma." It's a contentious interview about a provocative film. Listen
Ep. 90: Vindman of the Hour
The Joshes, Kate and David discuss a week replete with impeachment developments, from the first current White House official’s testimony (against the administration’s wishes) to the Republicans’ fearless storming of the SCIF. The group also parses the arraignment of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, as well as the Baghdadi raid Listen
UNITED STATES - OCTOBER 16: Bill Taylor, center, the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, arrives to the Capitol for a deposition related to the House's impeachment inquiry on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call),
Ep. 89: Taylor-Made Testimony
Josh, Kate, David and reporter Matt Shuham discuss top Ukraine diplomat Bill Taylor’s bombshell testimony after one of the most explosive days of the impeachment inquiry yet. The group also discusses the baffling campaign of Tulsi Gabbard and her spat with Hillary Clinton. Listen
Ep. 88: The Impeachment Inquiry Ramps Up
TPM investigative reporter Josh Kovensky joins Josh, Kate, and David to talk about the drip, drip, drip of revelations out of witness testimonies in House Democrats' impeachment inquiry. Josh Kovensky also breaks down the backstory of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, two associates of Rudy Giuliani who were arrested last... Listen
Ep. 87: A Scandal A Day
Josh, David, and Kate discuss the Volker-Taylor-Sondland text messages, Trump’s on-air message to China and how all of the almost-daily Ukrainian revelations will factor into next week’s Democratic debate. Listen
Ep. 86: Lowering the Barr
Attorney General William Barr has been bending over backward to serve Trump’s ends. After his busy summer of traveling to pressure foreign leaders to entertain MAGA conspiracy theories, it’s coming clear just how heavily implicated Barr is in the global strong-arming. Kate, David and the Joshes dig into the whats... Listen
Ep. 85: Why TPM Needs You
As part of our membership drive, Josh, Kate and David discuss TPM, the importance of independent journalism today and how the media business has changed over the years. Listen
Ep. 84: Emergency Whistleblower Complaint Podcast
There has been so much news since Tuesday that we're back with a breaking news podcast, discussing the release of the whistleblower complaint and acting DNI Joseph Maguire's testimony before Congress. Catch up on what has happened and where the story may be going next. Listen
Ep. 83: Rudy’s Dirty Little Secrets in Ukraine
TPM investigative reporter Josh Kovensky outlines the recent history leading up to the burgeoning scandal involving Trump pressuring the Ukrainian government to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Before coming to TPM, Josh reported from Kyiv and is familiar with all the players involved. He helps break down everything you... Listen
Ep. 82: The Whistle Is Blown
In the last 24 hours, the story of the DNI whistleblower has exploded, tying together Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani's Spanish gallivanting, President Donald Trump's alarming phone call in which he reportedly tried to pressure the Ukrainian president and the political machinations of Ukraine's new regime. Reporter Josh Kovensky, who has... Listen
Ep. 81: The Corey Show Comes To Congress
Corey Lewandowski stonewalled Democrats throughout his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee this week before making the headline-grabbing statement that he doesn't need to tell the truth to the media. CNN decided that was good reason to have him on TV. TPM newswriter Nicole Lafond joins Kate, Josh and David to... Listen
Ep. 80: Jerry Falwell Jr. Has Some Strange Habits
Josh, Kate and David review the latest investigative reporting on evangelical scion Jerry Falwell Jr.’s alleged mismanagement of Liberty University, with a heap of weird sex stuff thrown in. They also discuss why the Trump-hurricane-Sharpie saga is a story we should take seriously, and Tuesday’s special election in North Carolina. Listen
Ep. 79: Where The Democratic Candidates Stand vs. Trump Right Now
Josh, David and Kate talk 2020, and how recent polls have shown President Trump trailing a number of Democratic candidates in general election match-ups. They also address the Biden war story imbroglio and Vice President Pence's out-of-the-way trip to a Trump resort in Ireland. Listen
Ep. 78: It Gets Weirder
Josh Marshall, Kate Riga, David Taintor and Josh Kovensky discuss the President’s bank’s refusal to say whether it has his tax returns. Then, they review two weeks of escalating presidential bizarreness — from plans to nuke hurricanes to the G7 summit. Listen
Ep. 77: All The Feral Dweebs
Josh Marshall, co-host David Taintor, newswriter Kate Riga and reporter Josh Kovensky discuss the parade of would-be mass shooters who have surfaced in the weeks since the El Paso shooting. Josh Marshall has coined a term for these men. Then, they dig into the controversy around disgraced political pundit Mark... Listen
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Ep. 76: We’re Living In The Golden Age Of Conspiracy Theories
Josh Marshall, author Nell Scovell, TPM newswriter Kate Riga and senior editor David Taintor talk about the conspiracies surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's death. They also discuss CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's run-in with a heckler and Josh's concern that third-party candidates could lead to a Trump victory in the 2020 election. Listen
Ep. 75: Inside A ‘Damaging’ Story For Republicans In Texas
Josh Marshall, David Taintor and Kate Riga discuss a story out of Texas, where the Republican House speaker has been embroiled in a controversy over a supposedly damaging conversation he had with a local right-wing activist. Kate brings us up to speed on the situation. We also talk about the... Listen
on October 22, 2018 in Tampa, Florida.
Ep. 74: The Problems In 2016 And 2020
Josh Marshall, David Taintor and Josh Kovensky discuss their takeaways from the second round of Democratic debates. Then, they discuss a new report by the Senate Intelligence Committee shedding light on Russian cyberattacks during the 2016 elections. Listen
Ep. 73: How TPM Came To Be
Josh goes on the Internet History Podcast, hosted by Brian McCullough, to discuss the early days of digital media and, specifically, how TPM grew from a side project into a leading news site. Find more episodes of the Internet History Podcast here. Listen
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