Steele To Dems: Stop Spending Or ‘Find A New Line Of Work’ In Nov


Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele released a statement on today’s vote in the House of Representatives to raise the national debt ceiling. Here’s the full text:

“In his State of the Union address, President Obama pledged that he and his Congressional Democrat lieutenants would budget like any cash-strapped family would. But today, House Democrats followed their Senate Democrat colleagues by taking our federal government into uncharted fiscal territory, passing a $1.9 trillion increase to America’s credit card limit, the largest one-time increase in our history. This vote comes on the heels of President Obama’s budget that will more than double the national debt over the next ten years. Vulnerable Democrats are trying to use Obama’s budget gimmicks like PAYGO and his so-called ‘spending freeze’ as fig leaves to cover their blatant fiscal irresponsibility. But families across America see behind those fig leaves and are telling Democrats to either stop their binge spending or to find a new line of work come November.”