River Rising: Mississippi Flooding Overwhelms The South

1||The Mississippi River crested at 57.1 feet in Vicksburg, Miss. Wednesday night, ahead of its original forecast, CNN reports, and high water levels are expected to hold for days. The river is 14 feet above flood stage in Vicksburg — more than a foot above the record set in the great flood of 1927. Here are more pictures of Mississippi flooding.

Homes are nearly submerged in the Kingsway Green mobile home park in Memphis, Tenn.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

2||May 14, 2011: For the first time since 1973, the Army Corps of Engineers began opening the Morganza Spillway in Louisiana to lower water levels and to protect New Orleans and Baton Rouge.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

3||||newscom/Zuma Press&&

4||Memphis, Tenn.||newscom/DAN ANDERSON/EFE&&

5||Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

6||Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/Eli Baylis UPI Newspictures&&

7||Chris Vaughn of Jonesboro, Ark. watches the sun set over the Mississippi from a half swamped bench at Jefferson Davis Park in Memphis, Tenn.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

8||Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/Eli Baylis UPI Newspictures&&

9||The historic Yazoo Valley Railroad Station in downtown Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

10||Freight shipping continues on the Mississippi in New Orleans.||newscom/VARLEY/SIPA/VARLEY/SIPA&&

11||||newscom/Zuma Press&&

12||Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

13||Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

14||Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

15||Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

16||Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

17||Employees of Ergon Marine and Industrial Supply in Clarksdale, Miss. work to sandbag their property against the impending flood.||newscom/Zuma Press&&

18||||newscom/Zuma Press&&

19||Blake Hynum steers his boat past his cousin’s inundated home in Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/Eli Baylis UPI Newspictures&&

20||A water pump in City Front Park pumps leaking water from the flood wall back into the Yazoo Diversion Canal in downtown Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/UPI Newspictures&&

21||Vicksburg, Miss.||newscom/ZUMA Press&&