Shouting Match Breaks Out In Courtroom At Bill Cosby Hearing

Ed Hille/POOL The Philadelphia Inquirer

A judge has admonished both the prosecution and defense after a courtroom shouting match over the names of the women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

Judge Steven O’Neill denounced Tuesday morning’s outburst as uncivil.

District Attorney Kevin Steele clashed with Cosby lawyer Brian McMonagle over the defense team’s practice of publicly identifying accusers.

Steele suggested that Cosby’s lawyers are publicizing them in an attempt to intimidate the women.

McMonagle said many of them had already gone public with their allegations.

Cosby’s lawyers want the women barred from testifying at the 79-year-old comedian’s Pennsylvania sexual assault trial next year.

O’Neill ruled that Cosby’s lawyers can identify 11 of the women by name. He said two have remained out of the spotlight and shouldn’t be named in court.

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