Biden On ‘Big F*cking Deal’ Line: Obama ‘Was Laughing Like The Devil’ (VIDEO)

On The View today, Vice President Joe Biden explained his “This is a big f*cking deal” comment —picked up by a live mic just before President Obama signed health care reform into law.

Biden said that after he said it, President Obama “was laughing like the devil.”Biden said that he “was just thankful my mother couldn’t hear it or see it,” though he admitted that the incident “was a little embarrassing.”

He also described how, after the press conference, he and the President were in a limo going to another event, and Obama “was laughing like the devil. I said, ‘What’s so funny? I don’t see anything funny about this.'”

Obama replied: “When you said that to me, everybody could hear it.”

Barbara Walters joked that it’s not the first time Biden has made a similar gaffe, and Biden agreed: “That’s true. It’s not the first time.”