Second GOP Firm Tied to Harrassing Robo Calls

Earlier today, Paul connected harrassing “false-flag” robo calls in a number of congressional districts to the National Republican Congressional Committee, via the firm they appear to have paid to carry out the calls. That firm, Conquest Communications Group, was responsible for NRCC-backed calls in 20 House races.

Now, Paul has found a second firm calling voters in another 10 House districts on behalf of the NRCC. Some of those calls have been similar to the harrassing “false-flag” robocalls we’ve been covering all day.

“I know these guys,” White House political guru Karl Rove boasts on the Web site of Feather, Larson & Syndhorst DCI, which has been making robocalls to voters on behalf of the NRCC — many of them confirmed to be harrassing. “They work as hard to win your races as you do.”

Indeed, the firm is said to enjoy close ties to Rove and the Bush White House. They’ve been in the annoying phone call business for a long time, as Josh will attest. This time around, they have made harrassing phone calls to defeat Democrats Harry Mitchell (in AZ-05), Eric Massa (in NY-29) and Francine Busby (in CA-50).

“They start out sounding like they’re from Francine Busby — most people get so annoyed they don’t listen to the end. . . some people have been called 6, 7, 8 or 9 times,” said a staffer at Busby’s campaign.

“We’ve been getting reports [about harrassing calls] from voters for better than a week,” Massa’s spokesman, Mike Williams, told Paul today. “We’re not sure where they’re coming from,” said Mitchell’s flack, Seth Scott.

In addition to calls against those candidates, Feather Larson was contracted by the NRCC to deploy robo calls against the following Democratic House campaigns:

Tom Hayhurst (IN-03)
Jason Altmire (PA-04)
Nick Lampson (TX-22)
Bruce Braley (IA-01)
Patricia Madrid (NM-01)
Angie Paccione (CO-04)
Joe Courtney (CT-02)

Has anyone experienced harrassing phone calls in those districts? Let us know.