Rep. Ross Blames ‘Left-Wing, Special Interest Conspiracy’ For Pharmacy Sale Story

Congressional Quarterly/Newscom

The AP has now taken a crack at the story of the sale of Rep. Mike Ross’s family pharmacy, for a possibly inflated price of $420,000, to a big drug store chain.

And it elicited yet another response from Ross, Democrat of Arkansas, on the 2007 sale of the pharmacy. He can’t remember how he and USA Drug settled on the price for the land and the building. From an interview with AP:

He said USA Drug had approached him in early to mid-2007 about buying the pharmacy, but that his memory was hazy on several key details of the sale — including who proposed the $420,000 price tag.

“There was very little negotiation. … I think most family pharmacies will tell you that when a chain comes in to buy you, they usually come with their best offer and there’s not much negotiation that goes on,” Ross said.

Ross also blusters:

The Democratic congressman called the story part of a “left-wing, special interest conspiracy against me.”

As we’ve noted, it’s simply not the case that ProPublica, which reported the story, and Politico, which ran it, are “left-wing” or part of any “special interest.”