Pima Community College Releases Jared Lee Loughner’s ‘Genocide/Scam’ YouTube Video

“Alright, so here’s what we’re doing,” says the man behind the camera as he navigates through a dark parking lot. “We’re examining the torture of students. We’re looking at students who have been tortured. Their low income pay in two wars. The war that we are in right now is currently illegal under the Constitution. What makes it illegal is the currency. The date is also wrong. It’s impossible for it to be that date, it’s mind control.”

That’s how a video Jared Lee Loughner posted on YouTube in September titled “Pima Community College School – Genocide/Scam – Free Education – Broken United States Constitution,” begins. It’s the video that ultimately got Loughner, the gunman allegedly behind the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and the murder of six others, suspended from the school.About a minute in the video, Loughner encounters a figure walking in the distance who is likely one of the alleged gunman’s former teachers. “How’s it going?” Loughner asked in a cheery tone. “Thanks for the ‘B’ I’m pissed off,” he says in the same pitch. He then walks away, laughing to himself.

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The video was obtained by the Los Angeles Times through a public records request and posted to their website late Friday.

“This is my genocide school. Where I’m going to be homeless because of this school,” Loughner says. “I haven’t forgotten the teacher that gave me a B for freedom of speech.”

Loughner narrates a tour of the campus, pointing out the cafeteria “where they make illegal transactions” and the “bookstore, the bookstore, the bookstore. It is so illegal to sell this book under the constitution. We are also censured by our freedom of speech.”

“This is the police station. This is where the whole shaboozy goes down with illegal activity,” Loughner says. “Where is all my subjects? I could stay something sound right now but I don’t feel like it.”

“This is Pima Community College, one of the biggest scams in America,” Loughner says in the video. “If the student is unable to locate the external universe, the student is unable to locate the internal universe.”

Loughner posted the video under the name under the username “2PLOY,” as TPM reported this week. Shortly after the video was posted, the community college delivered a notice of suspension to Loughner’s home. An officer wrote that Loughner “held a constant trance” and told the officers “I realize now this is all a scam.”

The video is embedded below.

Here is a screen grab of Loughner’s YouTube page: