NRCC Web Video: DCCC Head Steve Israel ‘Stands With’ OWS Anti-Semitism

Republicans are continuing to attack the Occupy Wall Street protests — singling out elements of radicalism and/or anti-Semitism — with a new web video from the National Republican Congressional Committee attacking Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), who heads up their counterparts at the DCCC.

The video cites a New York Post opinion column, to say that “Steve Israel of New York, is urging party members to ‘stand with’ the demonstrators.”

However, this is not actually what the Post column said: “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, chaired by Rep. Steve Israel of New York, is urging party members to “stand with” the demonstrators.” This in turn was referring to an e-mail petition that the DCCC sent to its supporter list, in order to score political points against the House Republican leadership — not to regular party strategy for the actual politicians.

The video features dramatic music, and news clips of the protests. After showing a parade of socialism, communism, and that guy who stuck his rear end up against a police car, the on-screen text declares: “STEVE ISRAEL STANDS WITH THEM.”

As TPM has previously documented, Republicans have campaigned against the protests, with the Republican National Committee accusing them of being widely anti-Semitic.

In addition, some of the attacks from the right have become rather cartoonish.