More on Tony Rudy

Along with the “Information” the government issued earlier today as part of Tony Rudy’s guilty plea, the government has also released Rudy’s “Factual Proffer.” It’s another summary of the crimes for which Rudy is pleading guilty and includes more details. We’ve posted it here.

This document does mention Ed Buckham (he’s “Lobbyist B“) and gives more details on Rudy’s lobbying of DeLay’s office. Rudy left DeLay in December 2000 — by January, 2001, he was lobbying DeLay’s office. The proffer provides two examples:

a. From January 2001 to March 2001, Rudy solicited from the office of [Tom DeLay] support for legislation providing for reparations payments to certain U.S. citizens from assets in United States of foreign companies and governments; and

b. In or about July 2001, Rudy coordinated with the leadership staff of [DeLay] on legislation affecting automobile emissions.

More soon.