MN County Attorney Says Conservative Voter Buttons Are Banned

The buttons that Minnesota conservative groups want their supporters to wear to tell poll watchers to ask them for their I.D. won’t be allowing in polling stations, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman tells TPMMuckraker.

“You can’t wear campaign buttons in a polling place, state law says you can’t. And election judges can’t even wear, you know, ‘Stamp Out Election Fraud.’ So that’s going to be interesting in the next few days,” Freeman said.Minnesota Majority — which along with Minnesota Voters Alliance and the Northstar Tea Party Patriots are running the Election Integrity Watch program — did not return requests for comment.

Those conservative groups are offering a $500 reward for tips leading to voter fraud convictions.

But it turned out that only about five percent of the instances of voter fraud that Minnesota Majority alleged took place in the 2008 election were valid charges, because the group included non-felons on their lists of fraudulent voters submitted to the state.

“Stay tuned, there’ll be some more action here,” Freeman said.