Man Pleads Guilty To Firebombing Planned Parenthood And Vandalizing Mosque

A California man pleaded guilty to a double whammy of crimes typically associated with the right-wing, including firebombing a Planned Parenthood and vandalizing a mosque.Donny Eugene Mower pleaded guilty to one felony count of malicious damage to property by means of fire or an explosive, one misdemeanor count of damaging religious property, and one misdemeanor count of damaging the property of a reproductive health services facility.

In the plea agreement, Mower admits to putting a sign in front of an Islamic center in Madera on around August 18, 2010. The sign said “No temple for the god of terrorism at ground zero. ANB,” referring to the Park51 Islamic center in downtown Manhattan. ANB stands for American Nationalist Brotherhood. Mower also admitted to throwing a brick through the Islamic Center’s window.

According to court documents, around August 20, 2010, Mower put a sign in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Madera, CA that said ‘”Murdering children? That is your choice? Reap your reward. ANB.” On around August 30, Mower put another sign in front of the clinic that said:

Untitled. ANB is American nationalist, not white nationalist, black nationalist, or any other racist motivated group. The signs posted, the things to come, and yes even the brick are not hate motivated, but rahter messages. The [sic] are the voices of us who refuse to allow America to continue to be torn down brick by brick. Notice also, that the mosque was not the only target of choice. We are here to revive American pride, which has been dampened by a lot of things. The rise of Islam in America, despite 9/11; the sickening number of murdered children since 1973, hidden behind the guise of “abortion” or “choice”; the abomination of homosexuality being rewarded, while those who chose natural relationships are bigots. These and so many more are are [sic] the hate crimes, they hit America with a sucker punch…isn’t it time that someone hit back?

Then on Septmeber 2, according to the plea agreement, Mower threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of the Planned Parenthood clinic, resulting in over $25,000 in damages.

Mower will be sentenced on January 6th. He faces a five-year mandatory sentence, and possibly up to 20 years for the felony charge, as well as a $250,000 fine. For each of the misdemeanors he faces one year and up to a $100,000 fine.