Wired GOP Nonprofit Exposed as Lobbying Front

Americans for Tax Reform, the non-profit organization run by powerful GOP operative Grover Norquist, is little more than a front for lobbying operations, the Boston Globe reports today.

With the cover of a nonprofit enterprise, Norquist’s “clients” become “donors,” and ATR never needs to disclose who they are. Meanwhile, Norquist lobbies heavily on Capitol Hill for their interests, the Globe says, and no one’s the wiser.

Until now — the Globe‘s Michael Kranish got hold of ATR’s donor lists. Fun stuff.

Remember, Norquist was a close associate of Jack Abramoff‘s. He laundered money for the disgraced lobbyist, set up front groups to fight battles for Abramoff’s clients, arranged meetings between Abramoff’s clients and the White House, and more. I have a feeling we may hear more.